Farewell, Ta Ta For Now

As this class comes to an end I find myself in a different spot than I was starting out. I’m so thankful for what this class has taught me about personal branding and social media. I never really gave much thought about my personal brand until this class, but I quickly learned the importance of it ! Your personal brand is what makes you, and your business you. It is what sets you apart from everyone else and makes you unique. Social media is much more than posting a picture or a video when you have a business and personal brand. It can be the difference in selling a product or making a forever customer. Social media is also a great way to reach people and make a community all at the palm of your hand. Moving forward I’ll probably continue to use WordPress, facebook, youtube and instagram. Mostly, because I was familiar with those platforms, and I feel like I’ve taken them to a higher level with everything I have learned with them like Facebook, and their meeting room, pay options, and communities. If I had to opportunity to learn or focus on anything more than what I already learned would be a more in depth look at the internet it self. I think I wouldn’t mind learning more about RSS feed or click through rates, and just the opportunity to dive deeper into those subjects. This class had been great however, and I’m so grateful I took it ! Farewell and ta ta for now !

Published by Steel Creek Farms

Hey Y'all ! My name is Brandi Govero founder and owner of Steel Creek Farms. I'm 27 years old, and a single mom to a beautiful 6 year old. We live in a small town in central Missouri right along the Missouri River. I'm starting my own business which will be breeding beautiful Golden Retrievers and Golden Irish puppies. I got my second golden retriever 2 years ago Merle, he's amazing and wonderful I love him so much. Merle is a beautiful red golden that turns heads everywhere we go ! He is well behaved, and mild tempered also makes him so special. After being approached by many people asking me if I ever thought about breeding him or studding him out I decided to do just that. Heres to my next big adventure !

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