Only You Know Best…

In my opinion there is no real answer that says this is the absolute best way to start a blog or a social media site, even more so for a professional profile. Where some might find that incredibly overwhelming it’s also an incredible blessing. What works for this person might be the biggest down fall for the next person. I’ve approach each social media platform with the same attitude and my vision that I’m trying to create to get my brand out there. On LinkedIn, I was able to specify my expertise and skill sets which I think it so crucial in my field because people want to know their puppies are coming from an educated experienced breeder. Secondly, LinkedIn is so good for fellow professional connections, like a dog groomer, or a fellow dog breeder, or dog supplier. This allows me to build relationships with other in my same profession, which can be very beneficial knowledge wise as I’m still learning and will never stop learning. 

Another platform I use that has been very beneficial for my business is Facebook. I’m able to connect with so many people from so many different angels. I can connect with fellow breeders, a groomer, or potential buyers which is the whole point of a business to get your brand out there, and Facebook allows you to do just that. Its also very easy for me to connect my business website to, I can utilize facebook as free advertisement which draws customers in as well. 

So when starting out, I would recommend trying each social media platform to see what works best for you. Because just because LinkedIn and Facebook work great for me doesn’t mean it will be successful for the next. 

Published by Steel Creek Farms

Hey Y'all ! My name is Brandi Govero founder and owner of Steel Creek Farms. I'm 27 years old, and a single mom to a beautiful 6 year old. We live in a small town in central Missouri right along the Missouri River. I'm starting my own business which will be breeding beautiful Golden Retrievers and Golden Irish puppies. I got my second golden retriever 2 years ago Merle, he's amazing and wonderful I love him so much. Merle is a beautiful red golden that turns heads everywhere we go ! He is well behaved, and mild tempered also makes him so special. After being approached by many people asking me if I ever thought about breeding him or studding him out I decided to do just that. Heres to my next big adventure !

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