DIY Dog Food.

Before this assignment, I actually had been following a few vloggers on Youtube so I could learn how to make my own dog food, and just information on why making your own is better than dry dog food. Side-note I personally chose Vimeo in my discussion however, when searching for these videos/ bloggers I couldn’t find them on Vimeo so I decided to use the vloggers because they are truly very informative and great. This video below is jammed packed with great information that truly inspired me to start making my own food. I chose this vlogger Shelby Marie because I can truly relate to her in the sense we just want what’s best for our dogs. Secondly, I love her passion and her love her dogs and you can see that through all the research she has done. This is the level of aspiration I hope to get to one day being able to go fully DIY Dog food for each of my dogs.

Published by Steel Creek Farms

Hey Y'all ! My name is Brandi Govero founder and owner of Steel Creek Farms. I'm 27 years old, and a single mom to a beautiful 6 year old. We live in a small town in central Missouri right along the Missouri River. I'm starting my own business which will be breeding beautiful Golden Retrievers and Golden Irish puppies. I got my second golden retriever 2 years ago Merle, he's amazing and wonderful I love him so much. Merle is a beautiful red golden that turns heads everywhere we go ! He is well behaved, and mild tempered also makes him so special. After being approached by many people asking me if I ever thought about breeding him or studding him out I decided to do just that. Heres to my next big adventure !

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