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As a beginner dog breeder there is no way I can do to much research in my opinion. There’s a lot to dog breeding, and I’m aware that it isn’t just getting a boy dog and a girl dog. It goes beyond just having a dog , and the basic care a dog needs its making sure that I am a responsible dog owner ensuring the absolute best care for my dogs. I think this is also a reflection of me as a dog owner as well, I mean who would want to buy a puppy from someone who looked like they didn’t care at all. As I started doing research I started find some really cool information, blogs, websites, and videos about different suggestions and just information. One blog I found was to make your own dog food from fresh meat and veggies. I loved this because I have always herd how terrible dry dog food is for dogs, and to me if I eat healthy and clean why shouldn’t my dogs who I love. Another great blog I found was a blog that showed dog supplies and review of them, and it also just has a lot great information on it about dog health in general. Sitstay was overall very very informative with so much available information. I also found a personal blog about dog training, and her take on different training techniques and suggestions. Once again I’ve always had dogs but this is my first time breeding, and she just has a lot of great suggestions on how to train and introduce new dogs to one another. Upon my digging around I also found a great blog that was just for women farmers and there experiences, and I just found it very inspiring as they own their own farms by themselves with no help so its relatable to me. Another blog that I found inspiring was Jonnincole whose a Christian blogger who just speaks a lot of great words and wisdom about faith which I truly appreciate, and love to read about as I am always trying to grow in my faith. All the blogs I discovered are listed below ! Take care and stay blessed !

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Hey Y'all ! My name is Brandi Govero founder and owner of Steel Creek Farms. I'm 27 years old, and a single mom to a beautiful 6 year old. We live in a small town in central Missouri right along the Missouri River. I'm starting my own business which will be breeding beautiful Golden Retrievers and Golden Irish puppies. I got my second golden retriever 2 years ago Merle, he's amazing and wonderful I love him so much. Merle is a beautiful red golden that turns heads everywhere we go ! He is well behaved, and mild tempered also makes him so special. After being approached by many people asking me if I ever thought about breeding him or studding him out I decided to do just that. Heres to my next big adventure !

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