A little about me and a little back story………..

Hey Y’all, My name is Brandi ! Im a 27 year single mom of a sassy 6 year old who currently lives in central Missouri. I enjoy the outdoors and spending time with my family which includes the handsome gem in my photos! I got Merle 2 years ago now, and he has truly been a blessing with his sweet demeanor and his easy going personality. I never really gave much thought about being a dog breeder until I got Merle, and several people kept approaching me asking if I ever thought about breeding him or even studding him out. After some research I realized I really have a great opportunity, and decided to take a chance on life and invest in two females to start this process.

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What is a Golden Irish ?

A Gold Irish is a hybrid breed similar to a golden doodle, but it is a combination between an Irish setter and a Golden retriever. This is an excellent retriever breed ideal for hunting and retrieving! Irish setters tend to be dark red and red with more of an elegant and graceful build. They are known for their silky coats, and they excellent keenness. I actually will be picking up my first female who is an Irish Setter from Mississippi July 18th !


The many colors of the retrievers …..

Golden retrievers come in many shades and variations. on spectrum of 1 to 10 1 being the lightest 10 being the darkest they range from white to dark red. As one would imagine the middle colors are the more common shades and the farther you move down the spectrum the more rarer they are. Merle currently is between a 9 and a 10 !

Family First.

One of my personal goals is I never want my dogs to feel like they are here just for breeding. Thats why I decided to invest in two females so I can space out the liters, so the mamas feel loved and not a like machine.

P.S. Goldens are the best!

A little about Merle….

Merle is so sweet, and heaven sent. From the time I Brough Merle home he has bonded with me and my daughter. I have never had a dog so loyal, or have so much patience with a child than Merle even at a young age. Merle literally plays with my child in the dirt, he swings on swing sets, and goes down slides. He even allows her to lay on him as they watch movies together, and he’s only 2.


Hot Mess Express !

I do a lot with Merle, and will be getting my first female in this month ! This blog will document my journey down this new adventure I’m taking in this crazy thing we call life !

Merle found a deer shed.